Thursday, October 11, 2012

Want List: Riding Whip

Available at the American Saddlebred Museum
  I've had my eyes peeled for a nice "fancy" riding whip for awhile.  Of course I have your usual collection of everyday hunt crops and dressage whips but I was thinking of something a bit more upscale.  I've been looking at stag horn hunting crops, but now this has caught my eye.

It sports the George Ford Morris image "Circus Girl" but reworked so the horse appears grey instead of palomino.


  1. Ooooh check ebay! There are some gorgeous, to die for whips on there! I got one last year for christmas and it was just beautiful! Some are fairly stout and others are a bit more delicate.
    Here's a dainty one.

    And here's one that's a little more substantial. (This is like the one I have).

    1. Looks like I need to refine my searches a bit. Love the Swain. Although, it will have to be a pretty nice whip for me to bother to import it. Seems no American whips have survived :(