Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saddle #2 Still Shopping

I have found a couple of other saddles to inquire about. The next one belongs to fellow Saddlebred enthusiast who heard I was shopping. Turns out, the saddle is my size, and recently refurbished. It is a Martin and Martin, which makes it a likely candidate, so I am now awaiting photos.

No longer awaiting photos... here it is.
I love it's appearance (something which easily sways me). It isn't perfect, but it has all new billets and new leather on the panels.
While linen is easier to adjust, I admit I have a preference for the leather. For one thing, it is more in keeping with the saddle seat (or park) look that I am accustomed to. And for another... my horse is often in need of a serious bath, so this appeals the tack cleaner in me. I would have a hard time coping with sweat stained linen.

Monday, November 15, 2010

How it Began

When I was a teenager, I showed in a tri-state show circuit. There was a gal who showed sidesaddle whenever she was bored, or if the competition was steep and she felt she needed an advantage. She had both a hunt type Appaloosa, and a saddle type horse. She was always formally turned out with a top hat and a veil. She had the sandwich case and the string gloves under her billets. She was a treat to watch and certainly lent class to our show circuit. Because I was interested in it, she let me try her saddle one day. The saddle fit my horse and me quite well, but I can't say I took to it easily. It was a humbling experience for a talented teenage rider. But, it was memorable enough to continue to entice me for almost 25 years.

My interest in side saddle lurked in the back of my subconscious until two years ago when an internet friend took the plunge and bought a side saddle. When I heard she had done so, and started a blog about it, my interest popped to the surface with a passion. I followed her journey, and began researching the seat. Then I bought a stirrup! It's a very cool stirrup, and it has been sitting on a nicknack shelf with other vintage horse items taunting me ever since.

About a year ago I told my husband that I was saving to buy a sidesaddle, and since then all our spare household cash has gone to the saddle fund. You would be suprised how can refunds, mail in rebates and spare change will add up. I now have enough money for the saddle (if not the shipping) and today I mailed a wither tracing of my horse to a seller to see if this saddle will fit my horse.

My 40th birthday is Saturday. It's now or never. Hang on and stay tuned. This ought to be interesting.