Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saddle #2 Still Shopping

I have found a couple of other saddles to inquire about. The next one belongs to fellow Saddlebred enthusiast who heard I was shopping. Turns out, the saddle is my size, and recently refurbished. It is a Martin and Martin, which makes it a likely candidate, so I am now awaiting photos.

No longer awaiting photos... here it is.
I love it's appearance (something which easily sways me). It isn't perfect, but it has all new billets and new leather on the panels.
While linen is easier to adjust, I admit I have a preference for the leather. For one thing, it is more in keeping with the saddle seat (or park) look that I am accustomed to. And for another... my horse is often in need of a serious bath, so this appeals the tack cleaner in me. I would have a hard time coping with sweat stained linen.