Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Well you all haven't heard from me for awhile! Fear not, I am not discouraged or put off of riding aside, I am just saddleless at the moment. I am still researching and enjoying all things side saddle.
My family has not exchanged Christmas gifts in years, but we still enjoy a portion of holiday consumerism. We tend to buy things for ourselves instead which isn't a bad system. My husband and I have a route of antique stores that we frequent about every two or three months. Two weeks ago I scored a Royal Worcestershire mug with a hunting scene.
What caught my eye first was the grey horse ridden aside. But I am slow to pick up "dustables" as our house is small and already full.

The back has the first verse and chorus of the hunting song "Do You Ken John Peel" which interested me. but, the final stroke was that when I inspected the signature on the art, it was the same last name as my own. Oh very well! I'll take it.
I was still a bit put out over the cost as I thought $30 was a little much for a hunting mug outside of hunting country. But when I got home and looked on eBay I decided it wasn't out of line.

This past Sunday, I found another piece of Royal Worcestershire in another store. A little pin dish just like this one for $7, but I left it behind. That's $7 that can go into my saddle fund.
Meanwhile, my saddle is on consignment at The Side Saddlery in case any of you want to do some Christmas shopping for yourselves. Linda is great to work with. She is on the lookout for a a saddle that will fit Grey's infamous wither tracing and my long legs.
I've found myself indulging in a bad habit of recent. I'm judging women's fannies in the grocery. Not comparing them to my own so much, as determining whether they would have any better luck than I finding a side saddle to fit. There are some really unfortunate shapes out there, much more challenging than my own. And right now, mine is most challenged my Christmas Cookies which is no one's fault but my own.
So, Merry Christmas everyone. I hope to be more active on this blog come Spring.