Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holding Pattern

I 'spose I should blog an update so you all don't think I have either lost interest or become bogged down in a mud puddle somewhere. Actually, the later is a possibility.

I have not ridden aside lately for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I went on a fox hunting excursion a month ago. So, my time, energies, and spare cash were taken up with getting fit, getting packed, and getting outfitted to do that. I had a blast, and one of these days I will take the time to blog about it. Here is a photo my husband snapped of the CotH Hunting Princesses. He was too surprised to take a picture of the fox, which ran within 30 yards of him just minutes before. Then the hounds came blasting through, and as he put it "the cavalry" thundered past, and he realised it might be a good time to take some pictures. Imagine, being surprised at seeing a fox.... we were fox hunting. That's me, upon a white horse, as usual. A very large white horse. The fox led the hounds on a very merry chase that day. I've never seen such chaos. I did see the fox though. Twice. It was a good day.

While I was in Virginia I spent a glorious afternoon shopping at the Horse Country tack shop, and I bought some nice saddle shims to put in the side saddle pad that I am sewing. That should increase my shimming options. The sewing project is at a standstill because I want to put the pad under the saddle, ON the horse before I edge it to check the shape. The reason that hasn't happened is that....

Secondly, I am simply dealing with too much mud and white hair right now to even think about bringing my precious antique out of the living room. Let me know when shedding season is over and the mud has dried up. I'll come out of hiding. Seriously. I wipe my tack down after each ride but still.... Where does all this dirt come from? And why won't it come out of the stitching? Why is my horse's head so dirty? They just don't make a properly shaped toothbrush to clean all the nooks and crannies. I am a meticulous person. I like all my stuff to look new and shiny like it just came out of the box. Even my mud boots. Do you realise how much extra time that takes in March and April? About 10 minutes a day, plus an extra hour a week.

Thirdly, my horse has Spring Fever. Is it really fair to deny him the roadside gallops? No. Is it wise to attempt these aside? NO! I can't even lead him down the barn aisle without due caution. But don't you worry. We will be right back at it before too long.