Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cleaning Closets

Up until now, my side saddle fund has been $2000.  It has been minorly depleted by shipping the first one in, then off to consignment.  Then shipping the second one in and returning it.  And once I went fox hunting in Virginia which took a nice little chunk out of it....  I have been able to replace it, while also buying related necessary side saddle equipment like girths, long reins, vet wrap and Oakwood conditioner.  But, due to my long legs and my horse's round ribs, it has become apparent that the price range I really need to be shopping in is not the $1500-$2000 range, but the $2500-$3000 range.  I have two possible candidates on the radar in this price range.

With that in mind, I have been hoeing out bookcases, closets, the attic, the basement shelves, in search of under appreciated items that I do not want as much as I want a side saddle.  I've made trips to the consignment shops, listings on Craigs list, Amazon and shortly Ebay to take advantage of America's upcoming festival of spending and self indulgence known as Christmas.  I have been hoarding boxes and padded envelopes, and portioning out my stock of packing peanuts and bubble wrap.  I have denied myself little luxuries like new clippers and tack room clocks. If all goes as estimated, by spring I will have grown my cash stash enough to embark on another saddle shopping spree.

But not to worry, I am still accumulating side saddle treasures.  It seems my mother is also in the midst of "fall clean-up" and I found these gift wrapped and sitting on my tack trunk the other day.

This set of hard board placemats has three side saddle images on them.  I had forgotten they existed, and I am very pleased to have them.  Isn't that the best way to clean your closet?  Get rid of clutter AND give a treasured gift?

Thanks Mom!


  1. I spy a donkey on one of those, do I not?

    1. Yes there is a donkey. I'm going to take them to work next week and scan them on the larger copier and will update the pics.