Monday, January 3, 2011

Well I've done it!

I've purchased a side saddle. Kathie says it will ship tomorrow.
I will need an appropriate girth, which I believe I will order from American Ladies Aside. I want to have the saddle on the horse to measure, and I do have non-elastic girths that can be made to fit with billet extenders in the mean time.

Once I am aboard, I will determine if I need to order longer reins. The ones I have now are 57", and I can buy them as long as 66".

My trusty steed, William Pendleton will now be schooled more often in a pelham or double bridle, both of which he finds unnecessary, which would be proper tack for a lady aside.

I have also corresponded with the saddler who did the refurbishment on this saddle, Lillian Choudhary and am happily making new friends and contacts!

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