Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On it's way

Kathie says she shipped the saddle today. And I haven't even sent her the money! It is somehow reassuring that even in this day and age, you can know someone from the internet (years though it may be) and they will take you at your word.

Because I have a little extra in my saddle fund after the purchase and shipping of the saddle, I have begun ordering some of the accouterments that I know I will need. Besides waiting to measure for the girth, and ordering long reins, I went ahead and ordered a mounting block so I can get myself topside without pulling the saddle off center. This is a bit of a problem with my regular saddle, and my horse is quite sensitive to it. With a side saddle, I will not be able to shift it back center as easily, and there is little hope of my becoming more coordinated as I age, so a three step mounting block is the remedy.

That ought to get me mounted anyway. And is only the first purchase in what I hope will be many years of collecting equipment and appointments.

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