Monday, September 24, 2012

Hankerchief Slits Revisted

 This is what I love about blogging:  There are people out there, who know more than I, whom I have never met, reading it... and they're willing to share their stuff!!!

These two wonderful vintage photos come to us from the collection of Jeannie Whited.  I just love them.  These smartly turned out ladies each give us a glimpse into the past.  And, they are each sporting a hanky in their hanky slit.

Circa 1880s?
The photo above also shows some interesting off side straps.  When I questioned Jeannie as to their purpose she responded that she thinks they would have been used for a raincoat.  She has some other photos with them shown.

Circa 1910?
How do you supposed this gal keeps her bowler on at that angle?  I don't see a hat cord (which would anchor it to her collar in case it flew off) so my guess is some serious hat pins?
I really like her long and lean little horse.  Plenty of room there for a side saddle.

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  1. Nice post. I never tire of seeing vintage photos and engravings of sidesaddles, and Jeannie has a wonderful collection.