Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well Crap

Just when I had decided that I had no desire to show this year, and gone ahead and emptied my checking AND my cash stash on repairing the pasture fence so I can rent it to the neighbor to cover my taxes.... As in I have the money in my pocket ($8 plus change) to get me to my paycheck next week and then.......

The local county fair newsletter came in the mail and my very favorite show has added a Ladies Side Saddle class. So, I added up the cost of black breeches, brown gloves, an apron and a leather girth instead of my string one and figured what I can get away with like riding in my heavy black melton hunting coat and ASTM helmet and a snaffle bit, and it's still more than I can afford. Especially after I pay for the entries. **sigh** Forget the extras like a veil for my derby, a riding cane and a more appropriate flat leather weymouth bridle with bits and long reins. I'm pretty sure I would not be satisfied if I were not appropriately turned out.

I was sort of getting tired of looking at the one single item I've spent the most of my own money on ever (my saddle) sitting on it's rack gathering dust and had planned on starting up again this weekend, but now it seems like a good excuse to say "I've never cantered yet" and forget about wanting to show. Well, I supposed they will have it again next year.

My mother has finished edging my saddle pad (my machine gave out) so I'm looking forward to seeing what my new shim system does for the fit. My Stepdad spent many hours this week getting our outdoor arena in shape and if the weather holds I will be aside on Saturday. Stay Tuned.


  1. Brita,
    Take the plunge, even if you don't have the turnout of your dreams. I don't think any of us were as perfect as we'd like to be our first time out.

  2. In the grand scheme of things paying your taxes is likely a skosh more important than showing side saddle BUT I'm with Robin on this one ! Use some of your (many) connections to beg, borrow or steal what you need to git-r-done !

  3. I have a sidesaddle apron you could borrow if you wanted me to mail it to you? It's black.

    Honestly if you wanted to go I wouldn't worry about the brown gloves, black breeches (just wear dark ones if you have them) or new bridle and I'll bet you could find a used leather or brown fabric girth for cheap somewhere. I'd bet $ that you wouldn't be the only one without "perfect" turnout but I bet you'll still look amazing!

  4. I would go for it too!!!! Are their any 2nd hand tack shops around where you can find some brown gloves, cheap breeches and girth? Ebay? Phone Middleburg Tack Exchange and see if they have anything they can ship to you?
    Don't worry about the double bridle, I just show in a KK snaffle bit that's gold!! :p

  5. What size girth do you need? I have a Cottage Craft brown fabric one in the tack room and bizarrely has keepers on it that I bought for schooling side saddle but is too big for Hattie at the moment to use. You can borrow it if you like, let me know asap as I don't know how long it would take to ship it to you.

  6. When is the show? It sounds like with a group effort we can get you suitably turned out.